During these trying times we are taking every step possible for the safety of you and our staff. For example we are now offering online reservations, bill pay and rentals. If you need to come to the office be assured every step possible is being taken for everyone's safety including sanitizing any contact areas and allowing only one customer into the store at a time. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday - Saturday. Gate access hours remain unchanged.  If you have any questions please give us a call.  Thank You!

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Storage Myths

Storage Myths
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Storage Myths
Storage Myths in Bonita Springs Florida

Storage Myths

You will find that Bonita Storage Inn will decode all of the Storage Myths for you so you will get a truthful and honest opinion of how self storage works. After reading this section, you will be armed with the information you need to make an informed decision on how you may want to use self storage.

Storage Myth #1

Administration Fees – “You Must Pay An Administration Fee To Rent." Many self storage facilities require a $10-$25 administration fee.  They are telling you to pay them for entering your information into a computer database.  Their self storage software takes care of the rest.  There is absolutely no reason for anyone to pay an administration fee. At Bonita Storage Inn we do not charge an administration fee. Filling out Paper work is no fun for anyone, but you shouldn’t be required to pay extra for it.

Storage Myth #2

Insurance –We Require You To Purchase Insurance From Us”.  Many self storage facilities will tell you that you are required to buy their insurance.  Most home owners or renters have homeowners or renters insurance, most insurance agencies will cover offsite storage for free under your existing policy. All you need to do is call your insurance carrier and confirm that you are covered. Most storage facilities that require you to purchase insurance from them are the nation wide facilities that are corporately owned.  As this is a profit center many corporate office’s have their stores compete nationally to see who can get the most people signed up for the insurance they provide. Now, be sure to ask about this coverage, as many of these insurance companies only cover your items at their replacement value, not their actual value, and if you do not carefully document what you have in your unit, you may be disappointed in this service.

Now, to be fair, we offer insurance as well, however, the first thing we ask is, “Do you currently have homeowners or renters insurance?”  If so, most insurance companies will insure offsite storage free of charge.  The only time we recommend, but not require, people to sign up for insurance is if they are currently uninsured, but we will never sell you anything that you do not need.

Storage Myth #3

Deposits – “We require a deposit on your unit”.  This is much like Storage Myth #1.  If you do not sweep out your unit and remove all trash, they will keep your deposit and not refund it to you.  This basically means that you trust them to store your most valuable items, and they will not even give you the good faith that you will clean out your unit.  At Bonita Storage Inn, we ask you to sweep your unit and clear all of your belongings out when you terminate your storage with us, but we do not require a deposit because if you trust our facility as a good place to store all of your belongings, we trust you to care for our facility when you move out.

Storage Myth #4

Deliveries – “We cannot accept deliveries or we charge to accept deliveries”.  There is no reason not to provide this service to you for free. At Bonita Storage Inn, we will accept packages and hold packages for pick up at your direction. We will even go as far as placing deliveries into your unit for you, free of charge!

Storage Myth #5

Cheap Rent – “ We have the least expensive rent in the area”. Be careful with this one.  The price may seem right, but you do not know if they have chicken wire separating the units or corrugated steel like we do?  Do you know if they have one security camera at the gate, or 32 like we do? Do they have regularly scheduled pest control like we do? Do they have individual door alarms on each and every unit like we do? Do they have controlled gate access like we do? We are competitive on rent even though we have these and many more attributes other facilities don't. We hope that these myths have been helpful for you, and aid you greatly in choosing a self storage facility that best suits your needs.  Please remember, at Bonita Storage Inn, we treat our customers with integrity and trust, and every answer you get from us will be truthful and honest.

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Storage Myths
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