During these trying times we are taking every step possible for the safety of you and our staff. For example we are now offering online reservations, bill pay and rentals. If you need to come to the office be assured every step possible is being taken for everyone's safety including sanitizing any contact areas and allowing only one customer into the store at a time. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday - Saturday. Gate access hours remain unchanged.  If you have any questions please give us a call.  Thank You!

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Why Us?
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Why Bonita Storage Inn

Why Bonita Storage Inn?

The decision to store your valuables comes down to who do you trust and what does it cost. Moving and Storage is not a lot of fun. Let’s face it no one likes to move their stuff into storage. We have been working hard for years to make the rental process as simple and easy for you as possible. We are the best. We strive to do “what ever it takes” to make your storage experience as stress free and simple as possible.

State of the Art Storage

We understand you will want a self storage facility that can protect your belongings. Our state of the art storage facility uses computer controlled access, 32 digitally recorded cameras and an alarm on each unit to monitor and notify us of any improper access to the property and to your individual unit.

Free Truck Rentals

Whether your move to storage is just across the street or across town you might want to take advantage of our free rental truck. It’s a nice addition to help you move your things into storage. We use an Isuzu truck with big front and side windows so you have great visibility. The free rental truck has air conditioning and a radio to make your drive a little more comfortable. It has an automatic transmission and is easy to drive. The truck box includes a non-skid ramp to enter and we include movers packing blankets, a furniture dolly and an appliance dolly to make your move less stressful.

Owner Operated Storage

We are an Owner operated facility. We have owner and family members on site most of the time. Those who are not family members have a wide latitude to do “what ever it takes” to make your move and storage as easy, simple and convenient as possible. You will find all of our people to be of the “can do” or “I will find out how to make it work for you” mentality.

Controlled Access Storage

There is controlled access from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and restricted access from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. If you need earlier or later access, we are happy to work with you to accommodate your access hours.

Alarm on Each Storage Unit

An integral part of our self storage security program includes individual door alarms on each self storage unit. Any unauthorized access will trigger an alarm that will initiate a call to our 24 hour monitored security office. Once an alarm is activated the property owner or a company representative and or the police is called and dispatched to the property to investigate the incident. We take alarms seriously.

Video Taped Cameras

We use a DVR to monitor and digitally record the activity on 32 cameras on our property. Our cameras are strategically located throughout the property.

Well Lighted Storage

We want you to feel safe when you are on our property. A well lighted storage facility and self storage unit will make your storage experience more comfortable. You should never feel alone on the property and never be in a situation where you cannot see where you are going, who is on site with you or where you plan to put your possessions. At night or even on a dark cloudy day our well lighted wide drive isles and wide hallways will provide you with a secure feeling as you access your storage unit.

Fire Protection

Fire protection should be important to you as well when you are looking for a self storage facility. Look for a property that has centrally monitored fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. We have never had a fire. Should one break out, our fire sprinkler system will not soak the entire facility. They will target the sprinklers to where the problem is located. We have three ways where the fire department will be notified in the case of a fire. The smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and conveniently located fire alarm pull stations. If a fire were to break out we have horns that will sound and strobes that will flash to acknowledge your need to get out of the building.

Green Storage Facility

Everyone wants to protect our planet for future generations. We share that idea and are committed to working towards being a green facility. From our recycling efforts with garbage on site to storage box trade in savings plans to helping our tenants re-purpose unwanted belongings through local charities we will continue to work towards being green.

Free Carts, Hand Trucks and Dollies

If you are moving yourself you will want an easy way to get your belongings into the storage unit. Many units front directly on the drive. For interior units we have free dollies, big roll carts to set your belonging on to transport them from your car or truck to the storage unit. We also have hand trucks available for bigger furniture. Our wide drive and hallways will help make your move more convenient.

24 Hour Storage Access

24 hour access may be important, especially if you are moving yourself and are an early bird or need a little extra time at night to complete your move. Some businesses need special access hours too. Our computer controlled gate access, individual door alarms and video recorded cameras provide a safe and secure way to provide you 24 hour access when needed.

Delivery Acceptance

Sometimes it's those little things that make a self storage facility really special. There may come a time when you find a need to ship things to your self storage unit or out of your unit. We provide delivery acceptance and a safe and secure place to leave boxes for common carrier pick up. We can even have deliveries dropped off directly into your unit.

No Storage Deposits

We do not require deposits, but you should be aware some facilities do.

Another industry standard is to charge a fee called an “administrative fee” to cover the costs of doing the paperwork. We know paperwork is no fun for the customer either, so we do not charge an administrative fee to rent from us, however some other facilities do.

Low Storage Rates

Everyone wants a good deal. Our low rates, great customer service, well maintained property and secure facility will satisfy your needs. Where possible, a visit to our facility will help to put your mind at ease knowing the process to move in and interviewing with us to find the most economical space for the lowest rate.

Community Services

We like our community, we serve in our community and we want to make our community a better place for those that come after us. We get satisfaction from doing those extra things for our customers and the community that make life easier for others and fun for us all.

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Please contact us at (239)948-0700 or click here to use our contact form
Why Us?


Why Us?
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